website designs

As a graphic designer, I have been approached by many of my clients about designing websites for their company. Through Wix and Squarespace, I have built a number of websites for these clients that are currently live on the world wide web.


Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 3.56.34 PM.png

Client: Torrance Batting Cages

The following website was designed in 2018 for the Torrance Batting Cages. I am responsible for all content on the website including photography, videography, and company logo. I currently maintain the Torrance Batting Cages website on a monthly basis, adding new content as needed.


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Client: Sahara Beans

Owner Adja Buyibuyi was seeking a graphic designer to help start his new vanilla and coffee bean company. Through a mutual friend Adja got in contact with me, and I was eventually hired to design his company logo. Adja was so pleased with the logo that I am currently contracted by his company to oversee all media.


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Client: Baseball Glove Repairs

As the head of TBC media, I saw an opportunity to reach customers beyond the LA region and was given the funding to build a new website. One year later, company sales are up 900% reaching customers across the nation. As it stands, I am responsible for all aspects of the website including photo and video.


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Client: South Bay Soccer

I was originally hired by Josh, owner of South Bay Soccer, as a photographer for his winter soccer clinic events between 2018 and 2019. At the end of the winter clinics, Josh hired me again for a new task: to design a website for his Soccer Clinic business. I am responsible for all photographs and graphics (excluding the company logo) on his new website.


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Personal: South Bay Drone

In 2012, I purchased my first drone to test it out as a potential filming tool. Shortly after that, I launched my first website,, to reach real-estate agents, property owners and more. South Bay Drone currently sits at the top of local web search results and operates with some of the latest drone technology.


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Client: Genesis Tax Income

Jack and Lisa approached me with the idea of re-designing their tax website to a template that is trendy, modern and easy to navigate. They saw the website I created for Torrance Batting Cages website and were compelled to reach out. Their website has just launched and is now up and running!